Important Communication

Dear Client

This has reference to your trading account maintained by you with us.

In our endeavor to provide you the complete details about policies and procedures followed by the company we wish bring to your kind notice about the following change/modifications/clarifications in the Policy and Procedures documents provided to you and the Voluntary Agreement executed by you with us:

1.        Clause 34 of the Voluntary agreement executed by you namely

34. Client has/ may have accounts with anyone or more companies which are part of the group to which Broker belongs (hereinafter referred to as Broker Group). Client understands that from time to time there may be situations where on one hand he has credit balance with one or more companies of Broker Group and on the other hand debit balance with one or more companies of Broker Group. Given the structure of banking system delays are likely if funds are taken by Client from one or more Broker Group companies by cheque/ demand draft and paid to one or more Broker Group companies by cheque/demand draft. Therefore Client desires and directs Broker to net off/ adjust Clients credit and / or debit balance with Broker with any other Broker Group company by way of appropriate accounting entry(ies).


hereby stands deleted.

2.         As per FAQ and clarifications received from NSE / BSE on the Running Account Authorisation (RAA) , a trading member is allowed to retain up to Rs. 10,000/- while carrying out settlement of your account with the consent from the client. Accordingly, the format of Running Account Authorisation has been revised. Should you wish to allow us to retain the said amount at the time of carrying out the settlement, you may sign the revised RAA enclosed herewith and send it back to us.


3.        In addition to above the Revised Policies & Procedures document is enclosed for your review and understanding (Click the link to open)


4.        The Contact no. of Investor Service Cell of NSE has been changed from 011-23344313 to 011-23741741/49393000   Toll Free :18002660058


Should you wish to seek any clarification on the above please feel free to revert.

Assuring you our best of services

Sincerely yours

Client Care Just Trade

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