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Natural ways to prevent and cure Diabetes 04:11 February 26, 2011
Shri K. K. Bajaj
Chairman, Bajaj Capital Ltd

Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in India and everywhere.  Diabetes is commonly known as ‘high sugar’ problem. Currently a fasting blood glucose (sugar) level of 126mg% or more is defined as diabetes.  The blood glucose level is normally kept in range by a hormone called insulin, which is produced from the pancreas. Insulin controls blood glucose levels by allowing glucose to enter the cells so that it can be used as fuel by the body.


There are two main types of diabetes,   Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce any insulin and this has to be replaced, usually through insulin injections.  Type 2 diabetes is when the body is able to make some insulin but not enough, or when the insulin produced does not work properly (called 'insulin resistance').  The aim for both types of diabetes is to achieve and maintain the best possible control of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol; which will reduce the risk of diabetic complications in the future.

The British Dietetic Association has come out with the following research on food items that are useful in preventing and curing diabetes

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados and whole grain contain magnesium which helps prevent and control diabetes.  In a study done in England on 11,000 women in the high-risk category, it was shown that those with a high magnesium intake were 27 per cent less susceptible to diabetes. According to research, magnesium is known to lower blood pressure, relax the heart muscles, and controls homocysteine, which is a known trigger for heart disease and diabetes.

According to a report in British Medical Journal, use of barley, oatmeal, fruits, carrots and dried beans helps considerably in reducing blood sugar levels.  

Priority wise the following categories of fruits and vegetables should be taken.  Category I food items should become a part of your regular diet & the others can be taken from time to time:

Category I

Bitter gourd (Karela) contains high dosage of “plant insulin”.  Investigations and tests have shown this insulin to be very effective for lowering the blood sugar levels.

Jamun Fruit: According to Science Reporter “Jamun fruits are universally accepted medicine for curing diabetes because of its effect on pancreas. Jamun reduces blood sugar levels quickly and the best part is that it is virtually without any side effects. It contains oleanolic acid and hence inhibits the production of free radicals. During off season, the seeds of this fruit can be powdered and taken 2-3 grams a day.  This stone contains a glucoside which prevents the conversion of starch into sugar.  Dried powdered leaves of jamun tree also help in controlling diabetes.

Bael Fruit is an effective remedy for

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